Autumn Fingerless Gloves

Autumn Fingerless Gloves
Autumn Fingerless Gloves

Back in late 2006, I dyed some fingering weight yarn. While the skeins were on the drying rack, one of my cats decided that my new yarn was the perfect cat toy and decorated my living room by wrapping nearly 2 oz of the 4-oz skein around practically every piece of furniture he could find. Upon discovering this travesty, I gathered up the yarn and placed it in a bag to deal with later. It took me nearly two months to get it all untangled and placed neatly into a center-pull ball, but I finally finished the task while I was home visiting my parents for Christmas.

I’m a smoker (I know – it’s a terrible habit, especially for someone who works with wool!), and I often like to sit outside and read or type while I smoke. But when it’s cold out, my hands get cold. So I decided to do what any practical knitter would do – make a pair of fingerless gloves: keeps my hands warm while my fingers remain free to flip through pages or click away on the keyboard. So this was my mindless knitting project over the Christmas holiday.


Pattern: My own take on Bread Mama’s Picot Edged Cashmere Gloves


Needles: Size 0 (2.0 mm) dpns

Date Started: December 24, 2006

Date Completed: Unfinished

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